Thursday, February 25, 2016

ANPD 2016 Annual Conference

Here are a few topics and speakers at this year's conference:

Challenge of Integrating Into the Professional Nurse Practice Role
Marlene Kramer, PhD, MSN, RN, FAAN
This presentation focuses on challenges faced by NPD specialists in their role of integrating new Clinical Nurses into the Professional Nurse Practice role. Due to constant changes in patient and system complexity, analysis and responses to these challenges must be frequently up-dated.

Know the Mind, Know the Learner: Applying Brain Science to Improve Training
Art Kohn, PhD
We work hard to create great training, and we are disappointed when our employees fail to learn. We may be tempted to blame our students, but the truth is that we often fail because we don’t understand the mind of the learner. As a result, we develop training that is not consistent with the brain’s natural means of acquisition. Teaching should be more effective, and it can be more effective, once we understand how the learner’s mind operates. Dr. Kohn's 20 years of experience will help you create training that will effectively engage the brain and maximize learning and recall.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: The Art of Engagement Begins With...You!
Veda Andrus, EdD, MSN, RN, HN-BC

Providing high-level professional development mentorship and coaching to nurses is essential to the development of a high-performance workforce. Through mindful self-reflection and self-awareness, we will use innovative stress management practices and self-care techniques to enhance nurse resiliency and support engagement and vitality in nursing practice.

The Current State of EBP in Nurses Who Are ANPD Members: Where Are We? Where Do We Go from Here?
Lynn Gallagher-Ford, PhD, RN, DPFNAP, NE-BC; Mary G. Harper, PhD, RN-BC; Joan I. Warren, PhD, RN-BC, NEA-BC, FAAN; Michelle R. Troseth, MSN, RN, DPNAP, FAAN
This presentation reveals the results of the study; “Evidence-based Practice and U.S. Healthcare Outcomes: Findings from a National Survey with Nursing Professional Development Specialists,” conducted by ANPD in collaboration with the Center for Transdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice (CTEP) and Elsevier Clinical Solutions. This study describes the EBP beliefs, EBP implementation, and perceived organizational culture of EBP, specifically in nursing professional development specialists, and determines relationships among these variables and a variety of critical healthcare outcomes. 

Nursing Professional Development 2016: Scope and Standards of Practice Update
Mary Harper, PhD, RN-BC; Patsy Maloney, EdD, RN-BC, CEN, NEA-BC
For the past year, a workgroup of nursing professional development (NPD) experts have been reviewing and revising the NPD Scope and Standards of Practice to reflect the evolution of our practice. Workgroup co-chairs, Dr. Mary Harper and Dr. Patsy Maloney present the exciting changes to our specialty’s foundational document that will propel us into the next era of NPD.

Building Bridges: One Question at a Time
Susan Bindon, DNP, RN-BC, CNE
This lively closing session helps participants leave the Steel City knowing they can and must continue to ask and answer questions to change their own, their teams’, even their organizations’ practice. Examples of the power of inquiry and practical strategies for turning curiosity into action are offered. In keeping with the convention theme, participants are encouraged to nurture and grow their spirits of inquiry, one question at a time.