Friday, May 30, 2014

INPD Spring Meeting

We had a lovely breakfast meeting at the Little America coffee shop. Thanks to everyone who made it. Here are the notes from the meeting:

Fall Conference (Sept? Oct? Location?)
Speaker: Greg Durkin – “How to Enjoy Your Job” Presentation
  • Consensus to have Greg come
Conference, Education Ideas: 
  • Telehealth
  • Quality related/evidence based practice (How to drive)
  • Have a presentation of educator’s evidence based practice projects
  • Paula Julander – Politics
  • Legal Ramifications, litigation against nurses, have a nurse lawyer come
  • Informal leader as an educator
  • Motivating and influencing people
  • Send an inquiry out of members who want to be on the conference committee:
    • Annette Welch would like to be included
    • Susan Peterson – Lone peak as well
  • Suzanne Carlisle will make a quilt to raffle off
  • Come up with a list of conference objects and a target audience
  • Possibly extend an invitation to any Clinical educator, not necessarily nurses
  • Have Annette present her ANPD National Conference Presentation – Facilitating Facilitators
Other ideas: 
  • Have more often at Little America – have people pay their own way
  • Bring back a service project 
  • Send group a directory of INPD members with contact information 
  • Send a link to the INPD blog
  • Add the list serves as a reference on the blog
  • There is a concern if we have more ANPD certified Professional Development Specialists, how can they get more CEU’s to maintain certification
  • Host ANPD webinars for the group
  • Friday mornings still work best for most

We will definitely plan more meetings at Little America. It was fun! 
If you have any comments or concerns, please let us know!


  1. I'm in. Love the Greg Durkin for the conference. Keep us posted on upcoming events. Bring back presentations from ANPD convention to share. Evidence-based projects sharing/presentations. Anything that can influence education and best practices!
    Leslie Hadley, RN, MSN
    Intermountain Healthcare
    Region Education Consultant

    1. Greg has agreed to come! Yes, we will ask those who are going to conference to come back and share with us.

  2. Greg has agreed to come! Hooray!